Intake for individual dance movement therapy

During an intake, I will explain what dance therapy or coaching is, inform you of my working style and methods and we investigate how dance therapy or coaching could be a helpful for you. We get to know each other in order to determine what is possible in which it is important that there is a ‘click’ and that you are comfortable working with me. The exploration is mutual. It could be that a problem falls outside of my capabilities, or that a different specialist would be better suited. The intake takes a maximum of one hour and there is a standard fee. An intake with two or more people takes one and a half hour and costs more. Would you like an intake? Then contact me or call: +31(0)6-51 51 17 46

The sessions

The amount and frequency of the sessions is determined in consultation with you, based on your request, wishes and needs. Goals are determined beforehand based on your request and the process that fits you. The frequency can change during the process. Normally the sessions would take an hour, however sessions of one and a half hours are also possible. While in therapy or during a coaching process it is possible to stop. Invoices will be sent on a monthly basis en those can be forwarded to your healthcare insurance. The payment period is two weeks. Additional cost during the payment of the invoice (administration costs in case of invoice reminders or possible collection fees) are for the client. Cancelling an appointment is possible twenty-four hours in advance via +31(0)6-51 51 17 46 and only during office hours (from 8:00 – 17:30). In case you leave a message on the voicemail you are expected to call yourself regarding a new appointment. In case of not or late cancelling of an appointment there is a fee.

Code of conduct

Simone Kleinlooh is registered as senior dance therapist (1010002763 at SRVB) and registered supervisor (LVSC) in the registry of dance therapeutic professions. This means that the offered quality is guaranteed and fits the requirements of the foundation of registered therapeutic professions.

Simone Kleinlooh is registered as a Board Certified Dance Movement Therapist (BC-DMT - 1170) at the American Dance Therapy Association. She has also signed and agreed to the ethical code of conduct of the ADTA.

Simone Kleinlooh is a member of the Dutch Association for Supervision & Coaching (Landelijke Vereniging voor Supervisie en Coaching LVSC . Hereby she agrees with the code of conduct and ethics of the LVSC and applies the quality criteria of the LVSC.

Complaints Policy