Master Thesis: CODARTS, University for the Arts, Rotterdam. Author: Simone Kleinlooh (2008).


‘A Meaning in Suffering’: Nine Meaningful events in DMT in a Man’s journey towards recovery after Childhood Sexual Abuse.


Main Area’s of Interest: Phenomenology & Meaning, Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA), Male & CSA, Gender differences in CSA, Trauma & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Trauma & the Body, Dance Movement Therapy (DMT), Consciousness, Treatment & Recovery.


A pilot single qualitative case-study for which a phenomenological research approach was used to describe nine ‘meaningful’ Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) events from the perspective of a male victim of Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA). Aim of the study was; a better understanding of the role of DMT (increase of the ‘body of knowledge’ ) in ‘meaningful’ events and the influence on the recovery process of a survivor of CSA. The essential qualities of the nine events were explored and explained as they appeared to consciousness in the mind of the respondent and the characteristic qualities of the meanings were analyzed.
The findings were linked to the recovery process and underpinned by relevant literature.


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